Qishani Mabkhara


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Dimensions 9 × 9 × 14 cm
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Mabkhara made from Qishani material, with colorful patterns.
Condition: New
Dimensions: length ~9cm , width ~9cm , height ~14cm
The Mabkhara is a censer found across the Arab World and Turkey. it was traditionally made from clay or soft stone. Most Mabkharas (the Arabic plural) have a square pedestal base with inward sloping sides which support a square cup with outward sloping sides. The base is often carved out to form legs. Older burners were decorated with patterned combinations of different materials.
Mabkharas are largely perceived as objects of household decor, souvenirs, or friendly gifts, but they have a certain symbolic meaning as well. Just like bakhoor itself, the censer in the Arab world is associated with home, a state of inner peace, well-being, and hospitality.
Now we add our touch to the traditional mabkhara by making it from qishani material.
Damascene ”Qishani” is an old industry that is made from certain materials that resemble white soil. They are mixed with water, shaped, and put into the oven. This process is repeated several times and then entered into the oven to show the final result. After that, the masterpiece is immersed to show a broken appearance, and inserted into the oven. once again.


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